Iv set this site/Blog up to share my experience & knowledge on a healthy life style, fashion, makeup, self care, mental & physical health ….. & what other amazing things my imagination runs away with! I have a background in Nutrition & Health, Retail, Business Development, Brand ambassador both freelance & for luxury brands & even barista work but making a good coffee equals a crap wage so I have a Tassimo machine which was one of the best gifts ever had the privilege to receive.

More Personal Me …

My Name is Dani,

Scorpio/Sagittarius …. yeah a cusp baby.

I love fashion, have soooo much overflowing fabrics! – Even men’s clothing because hey who doesn’t love their boyfriends clothes & skin care 😏 I love my PS4 (Zombies)  my pets, Cooking, staying fit & healthy as much as possible but there is a catch …. I am also Fibromyalgia sufferer but prefer to call myself a Fibro Diva, Ehlers Danlos – Hypermobility also I have Unstable personality with dissaotive traits ect disorder(s) & other “labels” Alopecia & chronic insomnia. So I have a few pesky obstacles to overcome daily. I have had a few knocks over the years with friends/employers/otherwise just because of my illnesses …. But I am a resilient person who ALWAYS will bounce back. (Hello… Yeah you didn’t keep me down ha!)

Don’t stop reading I’m not going to bite! Some of my best ideas come at 3am or in a moment of logic plus I have drive, hunt my goals but chase my dreams & to start a blog is like a journal. Sharing ones self with the world to help others, share stories, advise & be given advice. And obviously the Hacks of life.

I work with the Brands I CHOOSE & that I like!

I hope you enjoy my blog & content.


Views are my own. Offence may be caused to the ignorant. 🧟‍♀️




6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Paula Bedford says:

    Your a true inspiration and I love all the tips you give, you are very professional and you will be going far. You have helped me lose almost a stone and you know all the correct supplements for different purposes.

    Liked by 3 people

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