Iv set this site/Blog up to share my experience & knowledge on a healthy life style, fashion, makeup, self care, mental & physical health ….. & what other amazing things my imagination runs away with

! I have a background in Nutrition & Health, Retail, Business Development, Brand ambassador both freelance & for luxury brands & even barista work but making a good coffee equals a crap wage so instead I have a Tassimo machine which was one of the best gifts ever had the privilege to receive.

More Personal Me …

My Name is Dani,

Scorpio/Sagittarius …. Yes a cusp baby.

I love fashion, have soooo much overflowing fabrics! – Even men’s clothing because hey who doesn’t love their boyfriends clothes & skin care 😏

I love gaming,  my pets, Cooking, staying fit & healthy as much as possible but there is a catch …. I am also Fibromyalgia sufferer but prefer to call myself a Fibro Diva. I also have overlapping Ehlers Danlos – Hypermobility also I have Unstable personality with dissaotive traits ect disorder(s) & other “labels” Alopecia & chronic insomnia. So I have a few pesky obstacles to overcome daily. I have had a few knocks over the years with friends/employers/otherwise just because of my illnesses …. But I am a resilient person who ALWAYS will bounce back. (Hello… Yeah you didn’t keep me down ha!)

Some of my best ideas come at 3am or in a moment of logic plus I have drive, hunt my goals but chase my dreams & to start a blog is like a journal. Sharing ones self with the world to help others, share stories, advise & be given advice. And obviously the Hacks of life.

I work with the Brands I CHOOSE & that I like!

I hope you enjoy my blog & content.


Views are my own. Offence may be caused to the ignorant. 🧟‍♀️




Just had to be done my friends 😂

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Paula Bedford says:

    Your a true inspiration and I love all the tips you give, you are very professional and you will be going far. You have helped me lose almost a stone and you know all the correct supplements for different purposes.

    Liked by 4 people

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