Seasonal change fodder….

Hey all, I have been so unmotivated with ideas & what to write recently.... a kind lady came across to me on Twitter & said to discuss my favourite subjects based around the seasonal change. To be honest with chronic pain & Autumn 🍂 then winter to come I wasn't really feeling it. But the … Continue reading Seasonal change fodder….

Hemp Beauty!

Hey All, In my quest of using CBD as a holistic medicine though edibles, vapes, smokeables & teas .... I have now started to branch out into the beauty variances. Why? Because my rubbish oily skin (Combination) could do with some TLC & anti-inflammatory properties. I have heard it can be good for oil control … Continue reading Hemp Beauty!

I’m baaaaack! Impacted wisdom teeth extraction.

Hey All, I did a Houdini & I'm very sorry.... three weeks ago I had my impacted lower wisdom teeth finally removed I was quiet out of it for a bit (I would advise you prepare well if your going to go through the same thing) I ordered in advance Tramadol pain killers from a … Continue reading I’m baaaaack! Impacted wisdom teeth extraction.

I Am a performer. The world is my audience.

You cannot see beyond what you do not know. Unless you look me in the eye & open your mind like with so many you will not see the pain & the death & sorrow inside. I hide it all behind a bravado of smiles, giggles & trying to keep a sparkle in my eyes. … Continue reading I Am a performer. The world is my audience.

Expert Chick’s own guide to life to live by.

I live by my own "rules" I don't particularly like the word as it can come off as bossy &/or confrontational also dominating but that's not the case. So I used the word "Guide" its kinder plus you don't have to follow the guide/rules ... I am just literally throwing this out there as for … Continue reading Expert Chick’s own guide to life to live by.

Local Businesses & Community spirit.

Hey All, Its Been a busy few weeks, I got a beetroot glow from the sun yesterday chilling with family. So today I am keeping out of the sun where possible & thought I should keep you all updated with what I have been up to! I think an important part of being in a … Continue reading Local Businesses & Community spirit.

A Poem that came from my heart.

Today your demons are breaking out. Inside you want to scream & shout. You don't act on it, you keep it to yourself. Bottled up inside & all the while feeling devoured. How again do I feel empowered? Knowing if you share these demons they could cling on to someone else. It doesn't make sense … Continue reading A Poem that came from my heart.

New Job & Tangerine Dream CBD.

Hey All, ExpertChick here hoping your all well ..... Its been a mad but great couple of weeks over at Case Del Dani's with home improvements,  having started a new job (Some of you may already know, or not) & since my last post about the Synergy Vapes from Leaf & Bean Co... I have … Continue reading New Job & Tangerine Dream CBD.

Leaf & Bean Co … New product! Synergy Vapes. CBD oil.

Hey All, So I stopped by Leaf & Bean today just to say Hello! Stuck me head in & the new CBD vapes are fresh in stock! Which for me personally is great being on the hemp & holistic bandwagon with my tea/chocolate & oils. And helps with the pain of Fibromyalgia & other issues … Continue reading Leaf & Bean Co … New product! Synergy Vapes. CBD oil.

New Bits – Perk me ups.

Hey All, Once again its been a while! Between Hospital Appointments/Consultations/GP appointments and life in General I have been abandoning the blog a bit. But on the upside I have FINALLY landed a new role! Some Of you may know this already but I love shopping with some of my favourite Local businesses.... Including Strawberry … Continue reading New Bits – Perk me ups.

A weekend away … With my man.

Hey all, This post is a little belated ... back in March (This year) me & My mister went for a nice, quiet weekend down to Cornwall. We went to stay in a supposed 4* hotel called Penventon Hotel in Redruth. Well I can tell you it CERTAINLY was not! On the website it looks … Continue reading A weekend away … With my man.

Cheddar Gorge … A girls Holiday.

Hey all, This week me & a couple of my girlfriends Alysha, Lydia & Holly Boo (my pup) went up to Cheddar Spa & resort, Somerset for the week. The whole week we were blessed with gorgeous sunny weather! It was a great combination with the hot tub & exploring. We stayed at the Cheddar … Continue reading Cheddar Gorge … A girls Holiday.