New Job & Tangerine Dream CBD.

Hey All, ExpertChick here hoping your all well ..... Its been a mad but great couple of weeks over at Case Del Dani's with home improvements,  having started a new job (Some of you may already know, or not) & since my last post about the Synergy Vapes from Leaf & Bean Co... I have … Continue reading New Job & Tangerine Dream CBD.

Leaf & Bean Co … New product! Synergy Vapes. CBD oil.

Hey All, So I stopped by Leaf & Bean today just to say Hello! Stuck me head in & the new CBD vapes are fresh in stock! Which for me personally is great being on the hemp & holistic bandwagon with my tea/chocolate & oils. And helps with the pain of Fibromyalgia & other issues … Continue reading Leaf & Bean Co … New product! Synergy Vapes. CBD oil.

New Bits – Perk me ups.

Hey All, Once again its been a while! Between Hospital Appointments/Consultations/GP appointments and life in General I have been abandoning the blog a bit. But on the upside I have FINALLY landed a new role! Some Of you may know this already but I love shopping with some of my favourite Local businesses.... Including Strawberry … Continue reading New Bits – Perk me ups.

A weekend away … With my man.

Hey all, This post is a little belated ... back in March (This year) me & My mister went for a nice, quiet weekend down to Cornwall. We went to stay in a supposed 4* hotel called Penventon Hotel in Redruth. Well I can tell you it CERTAINLY was not! On the website it looks … Continue reading A weekend away … With my man.

Cheddar Gorge … A girls Holiday.

Hey all, This week me & a couple of my girlfriends Alysha, Lydia & Holly Boo (my pup) went up to Cheddar Spa & resort, Somerset for the week. The whole week we were blessed with gorgeous sunny weather! It was a great combination with the hot tub & exploring. We stayed at the Cheddar … Continue reading Cheddar Gorge … A girls Holiday.

It’s been a month since I last wrote …. oooops.

Hey All 👋🏼 The bank Holiday weekend was so lovely ☀️ I finally feel rejuvenated from the nice weather & actually have something to write about! Ideas come then go just as quick! It's been a lot of spending time with family which has been nice! Drinks, food out & making nice memories instead of … Continue reading It’s been a month since I last wrote …. oooops.

Take A break.

In a word of negativity, racism, discrimination, war, animal cruelty, famine, death in all her artful & horrific ways there is no escape from what humanity is. It's all over TV, Newspapers, in peoples gobs & the obvious...... Social media is the best place AT times (Twitter & Instagram preferred) - kindness & intelligence within … Continue reading Take A break.

Your always going to offend someone …. Always.

Hey all, Its been a while since I have been writing again - yeah I know same line different day. But life. Last night I was watching the Ricky Gervais "Humanity" Show on Nextflix…. it ticked all the boxes! Dark humour is my absolute favourite & he said "You will always offend someone, always!" And … Continue reading Your always going to offend someone …. Always.

Rejection after Rejection….

Hey all, After Several interviews/trial shifts & all of the rejections I do have a bit of a heavy heart probably due to frustration & how rude employers can be either in no response or the response criticising. And today was one of them days I find out once again that I have been rejected. … Continue reading Rejection after Rejection….

Solkiki 77MG & RC Lashes

Hey all, This weekend just gone I went back to Leaf & Bean for the 77MG of the Solkiki Chocolate. Once again it was delicious! I had a hard time not eating it all in one go but I managed to make it last the weekend. Again no horrific, throbbing migraines just the slightest of … Continue reading Solkiki 77MG & RC Lashes

Miss you…..

Hey All, I haven't been writing in a while & not on my phone/laptop as often ... why? Well my hands & wrists have been playing up quite bad & I have a tendency to leave some of my health issues on the back burner & neglect them while I try to manage my sleep/Fibromyalgia … Continue reading Miss you…..

[WARNING] Do not subscribe to No Make No Life!!!

Don’t say you weren’t warned.


After looking at a lot of my followed bloggers’ posts about subscription boxes, I had been itching to try this out myself as well. Unfortunately, I think a lot of them only ship within the US, or at least don’t ship to Singapore. So you imagine how excited I was when I saw an IG ad for a subscription box service called No Make No Life, that was based in Japan and could actually ship to SG.

My happiness was, unfortunately, very short-lived. Let me run through the series of unfortunate events:


I was a bit hesitant about forking so much money for a few months, so I opted for the 1 month subscription plan, which was USD35. It seemed quite decent to me at that point of time, seeing that they include a fair bit of really good Japanese and Korean beauty products:

From the NMNL…

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